Research Center in Artificial Intelligence

Regular members

Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo

Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Pharmacology, Phylogeny.

Eric Beaudry

Axis 3 Manager

Planning under uncertainty, Heuristic planning, Recognition of activities, plans and intent.

Alexandre Blondin Massé

Graph algorithms, Dictionary analysis, Formal concept analysis, Relational representations.

Stevan Harnad

Categorization, Learning, Language, Neural networks, Categorial perception, Evolution, Electronic publishing, Scientometry, Consciousness.

Albert Lejeune

Sustainability, Innovation,
Organizational Architecture, Building Information Modeling.

Hakim Lounis

Axis 2 Manager

Knowledge-based systems, Automatic learning and data mining, Knowledge engineering, Linked data, Ontologies.

Roger Nkambou

Ex-director, temporarily reduced activity.

Machine learning, Intelligent tutorial systems, Knowledge discovery.

Pierre Poirier

Philosophy: Cognitive science, Psychology, Neuroscience,
Neurophilosophy, Cognition.

Serge Robert

Philosophy of sciences,
Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of cognitive science and AI, Formal logic, Epistemology.

Fatiha Sadat

Vice Director / Leader Ax 4.

Knowledge acquisition, Natural language processing, Multilingual information retrieval, Automatic translation.

Aziz Salah

Information extraction, Data integration, Machine learning applications, Semantic web, Databases.

Petko Valtchev

Director / Manager Ax 1.

Partial order and lattice algorithms, Knowledge discovery from structured data, Pattern mining, Knowledge engineering, Linked data, Ontologies.

Roger Villemaire

Computer logic,

Project Managers

Zhao Xin WU

Soft-computing, machine learning, cultural intelligence, collective intelligence.

Internal Associate Members

Mohammed Bouguessa

Big data, Machine learning, Social network analysis, Data mining.

Mounir Boukadoum

Computational intelligence, Intelligent instrumentation systems, Telemetry systems, Hardware-software design.

Sebastien Gambs

Privacy in the digital world, Information system security, Machine learning.

Gilles Gauthier

Semantic Web, Open and linked data, Standards and norms, Data and knowledge representation, Intelligent tutorial systems, eLearning.

Michel Héon

Semantic Web / Open and Linked Data / Visual Representation of Knowledge and Data / Knowledge Based System / Ontological Modeling / Engineering / Knowledge Management.

Vladimir Makarenkov

Classification, Phylogeny, Analysis of high-throughput screening data, New drug discovery.

Jean-Guy Meunier

Digital humanities, Computer-aided text analysis

Marie-Jean Meurs

Machine learning, Natural language processing, Information retrieval, Big Data, Combinatorial optimization.

Daniel Memmi

Neural networks,
Modeling and simulation of social networks

Vladimir Reinharz

Bioinformatics, Computational biology.

External Associate Members

Hicham Assoudi


Aude Dufresne

Montreal university

Philippe Fournier-Viger

Harbin Institute of Technology

Claude Frasson

Montreal university

Tamer Gayed


Nathalie Guin

Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France

André Mayers

U. Sherbrooke

Engelbert Mephu

U. Blaise Pascal, France

Emad Mohamed

Indiana University, USA

Pierre Vadnais

UQAM, McGill

A whole generation of young researchers!

Our team is full of hard-working students from all over.

Abdelhak Fareh

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2014-)

Belainine Bilal

PhD in Computer Science (2016-)

Ben Djenaa Rahma

Master's degree in Computer Science (2015-)

Briand Antoine

Master's degree in Computer Science (2016-)

Brisson Janie

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2014-)

Dallaire Antoine

Master's degree in Computer Science (2016-)

Doukoure Ismael

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2015-)

Francoeur Guy

Master's degree in Computer Science (2014-)

Gammoudi Jamil

PhD in Computer Science

Gareau Jaël Champagne

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-2019)

Gravel Mathieu

Master's degree in Computer Science (2016-)

Hamzaoui Youssef

Master in Management Computer Science (2017-)

Kadi Siham

Master's degree in Computer Science (2016-)

Lavalee Eric

Master's degree in Computer Science (2018-)

Marc-André Lavoie

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Lortet Alain

Doctorate in Education (2015-)

Mallek Fatma

PhD in Computer Science (2016-)

Marticotte Samuel

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2017-)

Massardi Jean

PhD in Computer Science (2016-)

Maupomé Diego

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Meftah Sara

PhD in Computer Science (2017-)

Mendes Olavo

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2015-)

Milot Jonathan

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Ngoc Tan Le

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2014-)

Pierre Patrick

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2016-)

Quental Jean Francois

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2016-)

Queudot Marc

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Sodoke Komi

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2015-)

Angel Tato

PhD in Computer Science (2015-)

Testeau Sebastien

Master's degree in Computer Science (2016-)

Wajneberg Mickael

PhD in Computer Science (2015-)

Zacharie Sara

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Zhe Fu

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2011-)

Wafa Fennani

Master's degree in Computer Science (2017-)

Ghaith Dekhili

Master's degree in Computer Science (2018-2019)

Amirat Yacine

Master in Computer Science (2017-2018)

Michel Héon

IT Department (2015-2017)

Clauvice Kenfack

IT Department (2014-2017)

Ramla Ghali

Computer Science Department (2017-2019)

Emile Tawamba

Computer Science Department (2017-2018)

Vorobyova Alexandra

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2014-2018)

Fonseca Alexsandro

PhD in Cognitive Computing (2012-2018)

Kissok Pamela

Master's degree in Computer Science (2015-2018)