Research Center in Artificial Intelligence

Some current research projects

Expected project output An ontology of herd/cow resilience and explainability methods for the results of predictive neural models
Partners MIMS, Valacta, CRIBIQ
Expected project output A serious game teaching deep learning through an application to predictive maintenance in industry, a short training course for the game
Partners RTMQ, MEI (programme NovaScience)
Expected project output A support platform for actors (parents, educators, students) in the field of child autism that uses an ontology to index resources and intelligent recommendation mechanisms
Partners Myelin, CTREQ, MEI (programme Social Innovation through AI)
Concrete benefits of the project Component Integrating into a Financial Institution's Digital Transformation Agenda
Partners National bank of Canada,Mitacs
Concrete benefits of the project
  • Advanced methods to solve problems combining discrete elements and continuous under uncertainty
  • Adaptation to the player or the learner
Partners NSERC
Concrete benefits of the project This project proposes to develop mobile robots to assist older adults living at home. The technology would be capable of conducting "virtual visits" for remote consultations with medical professionals. In addition, the robots will be able to assist with the preparation of such tasks, exercise / therapy, self-care and scheduling.
Partners:AGE-WELL NCE supported by Networks of Centers of Excellence (NCE) program,Chartwell
Concrete benefits of the project
  • Predictive models for milk production that help improve management practices and optimize farm profitability.
  • AI-based tools to track and extend the user experience.
  • Intelligent interfaces for integrated bioinformatics tools and analytics.
Partners: Genome Canada,Valacta(~ 4500 milk production farms in Quebec and Atlantic Canada)
Concrete benefits of the project
    Will allow the development of essential components for the advancement of knowledge in the development of technologies requiring a strong adaptation to the user's behaviors: adaptive video games, adaptive learning environment, adaptive control systems, etc.
Partners: BMU,NSERC
Concrete benefits of the project
  • Exploitation of various semantic resources for a heterogeneous granular automatic translation -> FQRNT (McGill, UQAM, MILA)
  • Development of a TAN system for poorly endowed languages (Vietnamese-French) - transliteration of ENs.
  • TAN for dialects (language with rich and complex morphology) in a multimodal context
  • TAN tweets and other social media
Concrete benefits of the project
  • Decision support for electro-motorists.
  • Advanced methods of optimization.
  • Partner:NSERC
    Concrete benefits of the project
  • Propose predictive models for capturing and analyzing player behaviors for a better adaptation of the game.
  • PartnersFRQSC